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Hi my name is Lachlan and welcome to my blog. I like playing sport and love football (Australia rules football also like watching videos like pranks ha ha it’s just a prank bro any way I will be posting thing I do at my school no I forgot my family I have a mum, dad, brother and maybe a dog, come on mum get one any way thank you for reading all of this and please leave a comment of your favourite sport and don’t forget to check the blogging guidelines so that’s me and also have a fantastic day bye!

NFL ( National Football League )

Hi today i will be talking about my passion project which is NFL.In August 1920 NFL was founded by Roger Goodell which was the commissioner . United states was the first country to play this game .There are 32 team which consists of 256 games , where each team ( 32 total ) play 16 games during a 17-week period .NFL has a lot of protective equipment which are helmet, shoulder pads,gloves,shoes,thigh and knee pads and jockstrap,neck rolls,elbow pads and a mouth guard ,hip pads tailbone pads,rib pads and NFL football which is a bit like a AFL ball( the shape is the same but it is made in a different fabric). I also researched which common injuries that you acquire in this sports and found that 50.4 % was leg and knee , 7.4% was concussion , 4.3% neck ,16.9% shoulder /arm ,11.9% back/spine and 9.1% ankle /foot. Hope some of this information gave you a bit of knowledge into my passion of NFL , below are some pictures of the sport enjoy by Lachlan 6R.

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Song Poem…

Im standing here fed up with tears waiting on the phone with hold on tone.

Phone still on hold ,im eating from a bowl.I run out of ice cream but that phone is ringing so i………..


Need some time too get back my mind win the game…..

Build up my fame………

The Showcase……….

As the waves fall his  last words was ,the harbor wave has come. ‘Clapping’ man that so good piece of  writing Lachlan “thank you” , I need people not a person for 5 minutes I need a plan I got it advertising! “Come see my writing you might get a snake come see it”! Man it still not working. Nice piece of writing Lachlan. That was good writing.img_7743

By Jacky French…Show how we could have hope.

Resilience Quote

resalencehttp://www.positivitytosucces.com                                                                                                                                                           sometimes in life you keep fighting life but you will not beat it….