NFL ( National Football League )

Hi today i will be talking about my passion project which is NFL.In August 1920 NFL was founded by Roger Goodell which was the commissioner . United states was the first country to play this game .There are 32 team which consists of 256 games , where each team ( 32 total ) play 16 games during a 17-week period .NFL has a lot of protective equipment which are helmet, shoulder pads,gloves,shoes,thigh and knee pads and jockstrap,neck rolls,elbow pads and a mouth guard ,hip pads tailbone pads,rib pads and NFL football which is a bit like a AFL ball( the shape is the same but it is made in a different fabric). I also researched which common injuries that you acquire in this sports and found that 50.4 % was leg and knee , 7.4% was concussion , 4.3% neck ,16.9% shoulder /arm ,11.9% back/spine and 9.1% ankle /foot. Hope some of this information gave you a bit of knowledge into my passion of NFL , below are some pictures of the sport enjoy by Lachlan 6R.

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One thought on “NFL ( National Football League )

  1. hey Lachlan
    I really like your passion project because you choose a sport that is not Australia and also you don’t know a lot about it.
    you put lot of effort on your research.
    now I know what NFL is.
    thank you for sharing your information.
    well done !!!!
    from nay tha thaw.

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